Rescue Data Recovery*

Traverse protects cell phones in cases of covered losses, theft or damage. While we know it’s important for you to repair or replace your phone quickly – we know the loss of your digital life on your device can be just as upsetting as the damage to the phone itself.

That’s why Traverse has partnered with After, Inc. to add the Rescue Data Recovery benefit to cell phone insurance policies. Rescue Data Recovery gives you peace of mind that your data, photos, videos, and other things kept on your device are more protected.

How it Works:

If your device is damaged and there is a need to recover your data, Traverse provides access to Rescue Data Recovery.

When you file a claim for a damaged device, once it is accepted, you will be provided instructions to send your device to After, Inc. For details on how to file a claim, click here. Devices with pre-existing conditions are not covered.

In most cases, your data will be recovered and provided to you.

What happens to my damaged phone?:

If you choose to seek data recovery using the Rescue Data Recovery benefit, your phone will be disposed of utilizing a certified secure data destruction and eco-friendly process. If your data recovery is unsuccessful, the device will be returned to you.

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This data recovery service is offered to Traverse Insurance customers with an active policy for a covered device who have submitted a claim for covered damage. Traverse Insurance is not affiliated with After, Inc. Customers should contact After, Inc. for any questions regarding this service. Traverse Insurance is not liable for loss or damage arising out of any and all services provided by After, Inc. The Rescue Data Recovery benefit does not apply to lost or stolen devices. Click here for full cell phone data recovery terms and conditions.

*Rescue Data Recovery is only availabile in Texas.