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Personal Electronics Insurance Coverage

  • $0 Deductible Options Available
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • You’re covered whether it's lost, stolen or broken
Damaged laptop with coffee spill

What's Covered

If it’s smoked, stolen or just won’t come on anymore, you can’t afford to be without your hand-picked home stereo or network gear. Protection doesn’t help if your receiver or server is gone. You need a way to get back on track ASAP.

Being your best self means not being afraid of damage

The warranty on your receiver or server doesn’t cover the aftermath of your home wiring experiment. Making sure you stay connected with your family, friends, work, school….means taking care of loss, theft or damage to your means of connection with the globe.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Zero, zip, nada... Oh! You thought we meant deductible! That’s available along with no paper, no long-term contract and no contact. Sign up, go live your life. Change your mind if you want. We got this.

Any manufacturer, any equipment

We don’t judge. But it will be so easy to work with us, it might make you mad about getting up to change that single-CD player (again). Not sorry about that.

Why choose Traverse for Personal Electronics coverage

Zero-Deductible Options

Zero-Deductible Options

I know, you’re reading it again. What? Who does that? We do. If you select a zero-deductible plan and your loss is covered, we’ll reimburse you fast via direct deposit so you can replace it quick.

No long term commitment

No long term commitment

These days, flexibility is so important. If your situation changes, Traverse is ready. Adjust your plan to suit a new circumstance or, cancel if you have to. No problem.

Covers lost, stolen, and broken home electronics

Covers lost, stolen, and broken home electronics

You had to try and cheat physics with that juggling routine to impress the kids. That’s why you have us. Let life happen and we’ll have your home electronics game sorted out.

Still have questions?

How to Protect Your Personal Electronics with Traverse

Traverse is affordable protection; on terms that match your lifestyle now, with flex options for when you grow or your situation changes. Even though you are careful. Things can still happen to your stuff: watered plant dripping into your laptop, even if you thought you caught it in time, but you didn’t - it’s covered.

Here’s how protection with Traverse works
  1. For the stereo, home server or things like an antique radio you wish to protect, research coverage options and pick the one that suits your stuff) and how you live.
  2. Get back to doing your thing(s).
  3. Tell us if something happens to your covered items. We take care of the rest - like reimbursing replacement cost.

You don’t have to act like you know what these terms mean when you talk to us. We want you to be the expert in protecting even something as yesterday as an 8-track tape deck. We get it. It is your lifeline. Let’s clear it all up with the definitions below:

Deductible:This is the amount of money you will be out of pocket to replace or repair damage to your favorite electronics. If it costs $1200 to replace your treasured gaming computer and your plan’s limit is $1500, Traverse would reimburse the full $1200 because Traverse offers zero-deductible plans. A zero-deductible plan costs more per month than a plan with a higher deductible.

Liability Coverage:Protection for bodily harm to others or damage that you cause to someone else’s property for which you are legally responsible (see examples below!). If you are sued and the claim is covered, our liability coverage will help pay for lawyer fees and other legal expenses. Plus, it provides you with up to $100,000 in protection in NY, and up to $500,000 in TX. This coverage may satisfy your landlord’s insurance requirements*

  • Your personal items are involved in somebody getting hurt at your house.
    Cables from your rack of stereo equipment cause your best friend to take a mean spill on the stairs. She’s at the hospital and wants to sue.
  • Your personal electronics are involved in damage to someone else’s stuff.
    Your ancient, super-heavy amateur radio falls off the balcony of your apartment and damages the windshield of another resident’s motorhome.
How do coverage limits work?

You pick the amount of coverage you think you need, and can afford. The coverage amount is the maximum amount that Traverse will pay to repair or replace the items you protected if you have a claim.

What if I have more than one piece of equipment I want to have covered?

You can have things like all your tape decks or your horde of every PC since the “big bang” taken care of by Traverse. These can all be covered up to the maximum amount of coverage you pick. You would not need to tell us about every single CD player you own. If something happens, we would reimburse you for the maximum amount of coverage. This is called “blanket coverage,” if that is the policy you select.

What about something small, like a cracked PC screen?

Repairing or replacing a screen is covered if the damage happened during the coverage period. If the item was damaged before you signed up for coverage with Traverse, repairs would not be covered.

I have a dinosaur skeleton. I don’t see coverage options for that listed.

We can protect what you love - even if we don’t necessarily get it. Traverse’s flexibility means we can usually handle the curve ball you throw with that autographed baseball you want covered. Give us a call or email us to see if we can help you prepare for the chance that T-rex gets wrecked.

What does “maxiumum coverage” look like?

We let you choose the coverage amount that works for you, to a maximum of $5000.

Submitting a claim takes less than 5 minutes with the Traverse app. Log into your account, head to Claims and fill us in on what happened. You will need to have a receipt or cell phone bill to prove ownership and photographs, if you are reporting damage. If we need more information, we will get in touch with you. You can submit up to 3 claims per year. Regardless of where it happens, Traverse will reimburse for covered damage or loss. Our coverage is global.

Getting Paid

When we reimburse for damage or loss, we can deposit it right into your bank account. We can also make payments via PayPal and Zelle.

Do I need to mail in my item to get it repaired?

Get the item repaired wherever you like, as long as the estimate has been approved by your Traverse claim representative.

Everything happens in the app. If you move, update your address and contact info. Need to file a claim or adjust coverage? You know where to find us. Traverse is available in Apple and Android apps stores.

What if I decide I no longer require coverage?

Let’s keep it light: you can make payments on your credit card, we bill it once a month. If you need to cancel, the remaining portion of the subscription will be refunded, no questions asked.

What if I want to protect items owned by other members of my family?

Traverse covers the person who buys the policy, their spouse/civil partner/domestic partner and relatives who live in the home.