Medical Equipment Protection

  • Flexible Deductible Options Available
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • You’re covered whether it's lost, stolen or accidentally broken
Damaged Cell Phone

What's Covered?

If it’s dunked, smashed or just didn’t make it home, you can’t afford to be without your key to better health, your medical equipment. Being careful doesn’t help if your hearing aid, false teeth or durable medical device like a walker is stolen or accidentally broken. You need a way to get back on track ASAP.

Being your best self means not being afraid of damage

The warranty on your hearing aid likely doesn’t cover it getting stepped on. Making sure you're ready to live your best life every day means taking care of loss, theft or damage.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

In addition to flexible, low deductible options, we also offer no paper and no long-term commitments. Sign up, go live your life, and change your mind if you want. We’ve got you covered.

Any brand of medical device, any type

We know accidental damage to your medical equipment can have serious impacts on your daily life. We make working with us as easy as possible.

Why choose Traverse to cover your medical equipment

No long term commitment

Low deductible options

We make it easy to protect the things that matter to you most. We offer flexible coverage that fits your life and budget, and that means keeping your deductible low, depending on the plan you choose. If your loss is covered, we’ll reimburse you fast via direct deposit so you can replace your item quickly.

No long term commitment

No long-term commitment

These days, flexibility is so important. If your situation changes, Traverse is ready. Adjust your plan to suit a new circumstance or, cancel if you have to. No problem.

Covers lost, stolen, and broken equipment

Cover lost, stolen,
and broken equipment

We know something happening to your medical equipment can have serious impacts on your daily life. That's why you have us. When life happens, we can help protect the stuff you love.

Still have questions?

How to protect your medical equipment with Traverse

Traverse offers affordable protection on terms that match your lifestyle now, with flex options for when you grow or your situation changes. Even though you are careful, things can still happen. With Traverse, it can be covered.

Here’s how protection with Traverse works:
  1. For the digital, analog or whatever type of equipment you wish to protect, research coverage options and pick the one that suits your device(s) and how you live.
  2. Get back to doing your thing(s).
  3. Tell us if something happens to your covered items. We'll help you take care of the rest by reimbursing you for the repair or replacement cost up to your policy limit.

If it costs $1,200 to replace an item and your plan covers you up to $1,500 with a $100 deductible, Traverse would reimburse the $1,200, minus the $100 deductible, meaning you would receive $1,100. Lower deductible plans cost more per month than those with a higher deductible.

How do coverage limits work?

You pick the amount of coverage you think you need, and can afford. The coverage amount is the maximum amount that Traverse will pay to repair or replace the items you protected if you have a claim.

What if I have more than one item that I want to have covered?

You can have multiple items or devices protected by Traverse. These can be individually covered up to the maximum amount of coverage you pick.

What about something small, like a missing seat?

Repairing or replacing medical equipment is covered if the damage happened during the coverage period. If the item was damaged before you signed up for coverage with Traverse, repairs would not be covered.

What does “maxiumum coverage” look like?

We let you choose the coverage amount that works for you, to a maximum of $5,000.

Submitting a claim takes just minutes. Log into your account on our website, head to Claims and fill us in on what happened. For Personal Articles Coverage claims, we will ask you to prove ownership of each item. If more information is needed to process the claim, the claim professional will reach out to you.

We make it easy to update your policy, profile, and billing information with Traverse. Everything can happen online in your Self Service account. Visit and click the login button to view your policy documents, file a claim or adjust coverage, or update your address, contact and other info.

What if I decide I no longer require coverage?

If you need to cancel, the remaining portion of the subscription will be refunded, no questions asked.