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How Traverse is Different Than Renters Insurance

You've got questions. We've got answers.

When you live in the city, home is where the adventure is.

Traverse is a new type of insurance plan that is an alternative to your traditional renters insurance with build-your-own coverage that fits your lifestyle.

Your office is a cafe around the block. Your living room was turned into a recording studio a couple weeks back. And your bedroom is...well, it’s still your bedroom. Every renter’s lifestyle is wildly unique and often changing—shouldn’t your insurance coverage keep up?

Traverse protects your most important possessions by letting you choose what you cover and what you don’t. Protect items like cell phones and snowboards—and all sorts of things in between—from mishaps and misplacements. Unlike traditional renters insurance, you can do all of this without paying for coverage you don’t need, and your coverage will follow you when you travel or move (Traverse is currently only available in NY).

Protect the stuff that matters most to you, no matter where you take it. It’s as simple as that.

Landlords like to know their tenants are responsible. Many landlords require tenants to maintain liability coverage. Traverse can help you meet those requirements with liability coverage for just $2.95 a month. For example, if you leave the water on and flood the apartment below, you’re covered.

No Deductible

When your cell phone takes a nosedive down your apartment building stairs, the last thing you want to think about is how much it’s going to cost you. But many plans require you to pay a deductible upfront before their coverage kicks in. Popular cell phone plans may require you to pay up to $250 out of pocket. With Traverse, you’re covered up to the amount of insurance you buy. No fine print or hidden deductibles.

Choose What You Cover

Life in the city is all about transition, but flexible coverage is hard to find. You probably don’t want to pay for insurance for those bookshelves you bought at a yard sale, or that college futon you’ve held onto as a guest bed. But that doesn’t mean you want to leave your new guitar and your laptop unprotected.

Traverse lets you pick what you want to protect so that your plan matches your needs.

Full Replacement Value

When your apartment gets broken into, you don’t want to argue over the value of your two-year-old TV or four-year-old game console. The value of your items over time shouldn’t affect your ability to replace them, quickly.

In cases of theft, Traverse coverage pays you full replacement cost up to the limit of insurance that you have selected.

Coverage for Accidental Breakage

Insurance is meant to protect us from the unexpected, but traditional renters plans often don’t account for clumsiness. Drops, slips, and before-your-morning-coffee mishaps are bound to happen, and they cause a lot of damage in the process. Beyond that, many traditional renters policies can’t help you in the event of a misplaced item.

Traverse protects you from accidental damage, from breakage to break-ins. You can even travel with peace of mind, because your coverage follows your items wherever they are.

Simple Claims

It’s three in the morning and you spill an espresso all over your tablet during an overnight, new season binge. You shouldn’t have to wait for business hours to submit your claim. Even worse, you don’t want to miss any episodes while you wait for a new device.

With Traverse, you can submit a claim online at any time, and receive replacement funds in your account in as little as 48 hours.

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