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Making a claim should be as easy as 1-2-3. So we've made it just that. Report a claim. We'll check it out and get you what you need to carry on.


Report a claim

Under your account, head to "Claims" and follow the steps to fill us in on what happened.

~5 minutes


We review it

Our team of trained claims professionals will take a look at what happened - using our state-of-the-art estimating program that pinpoints local pricing to determine replacement value. We’ll get back to you asap.

~24 hours

*Not including holidays and weekends.


We give you what you need

Whether it's the full value of your favorite thing up to $5,000 or $200/day for your vacation gone wrong, we'll deposit it straight into your bank account.

~24 hours

*Not including holidays and weekends.

no payment on your part

We got you. Zero deductible means when you make a claim, we don’t require you to pay anything out of pocket up to your limit. Leave that to us!