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Making a claim should be as easy as 1-2-3. So we've made it just that. Report a claim. We'll check it out and, if it is covered, we'll get you what you need to carry on.


Report a claim

Under your account, head to "Claims" and follow the steps to fill us in on what happened.

You will need to provide proof of ownership of the item(s) such as a receipt or cell phone bill. In the case of a damaged item, just send us a picture of the damage and an estimate for repair. Sorry, any damage that already existed before your policy effective date is not covered and attempting to file a claim for existing damage could be considered insurance fraud.


We review it

Our team of trained claims professionals will take a look at what happened, analyze your claim, and get back to you asap. Someone may contact you to get more information.


We give you what you need

Whether it is the repair or replacement of your favorite thing, up to $200/day for your vacation gone wrong, hooking you up with a consumer fraud guru to help with your identity theft, or providing a defense to a lawsuit that you got served with, if your claim is covered, we got you covered.

no payment on your part

We got you. If you choose a zero-deductible plan, that means when you make a claim, we don’t require you to pay anything out of pocket up to your limit. Leave that to us! If you choose to have a cell-phone deductible in order to lower your monthly payment (only available in TX), that is no problem either. We will simple subtract your deductible from the amount due, and get you your money fast so that you can get back to living your best life!