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5 Things You Might Not Think to Insure

The reasons to get cell phone insurance are pretty obvious. You don’t have to worry about it getting lost, being stolen, or it finally cracking on the tenth time you drop it today. But there are so many other valuable items that make you, well, you. They may not spring to the top of your mind when you think about the need for insurance, but they’re definitely worth protecting.

Here is a list of the top 5 things you may never have thought about insuring, but the reasons (we think, at least) you really, really should.

Skiing equipment

Let’s be real – any kind of sporting equipment is pricey. But worth it, right? Hobbies like skiing, golfing and skateboarding add a whole lot of living to our lives. If you aren’t choosing a little joy in your free time, you aren’t doing it right.

You finally got the gear you’ve been dreaming of – not second-hand, not dinged and discounted – you got quality, top of the line stuff for your ski-loving self. You don’t want to be afraid to use it. Theft can be a very real threat when you’re rolling with good equipment, as is the possibility of damage, especially while in transit to your favorite ski resort. Insuring your gear will give you peace of mind knowing loss, theft or damage won’t slow you down on the slopes.

Designer handbags

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “I like my money where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.” Her character certainly put designer bags in the spotlight and on the arms of fashionistas everywhere. Bags can be an investment piece, meant to be shown off. They are, unfortunately, also something that could be stolen or lost, not to mention easily damaged. For just a few dollars a month you can feel confident that you’re covered and your outfit will always be complete.


Professionals know the importance of protecting their instruments and equipment, but we know amateurs love their stuff, too! Your guitar, drum set, keyboard, tuba – whatever gets your toes tapping – are all important outlets for creative expression and extensions of who you are. They’re expensive but worthy purchases, ones that can be devastating to lose or break. Even larger items that seemingly sit safely tucked away at home could fall victim to unexpected damage or theft. A little bit of protection can go a long way to keep you rocking to the beat.


Cell phone cameras really take remarkable shots these days, but you finally upgraded to that digital camera that gives you perfect lighting and focus. You’ve added a few lenses to your bag and you’re ready to capture everything from beautiful scenery to one-in-a-lifetime family moments. How easy it could be, however, to drop that lens or have that camera bag stolen from the back of your car. We can almost picture it. Whether you’re a Nikon or a Canon person, protection for your camera, lenses and other equipment makes a big difference.

Gaming equipment

Gamers take their games of choice seriously. A little bit of escapism, often a lot of teamwork and a hobby that taps into those strategic brain cells make the investment into equipment a simple choice. These systems are valuable though, and can be costly to replace. Insurance can cover what warranties may not. The option of a no-deductible plan from Traverse means in the case of a covered loss you’ll be reimbursed and get back in the game quickly.

Not seeing something you want to cover, or need different coverage limits?

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