Beauty of digital insurance

The beauty of digital insurance

If you think getting insurance must be a lengthy, involved, paper-ridden process: think again.

With Traverse, it’s quick and easy to create coverage for just the items you want to protect without having to pay more for a policy that covers everything you own.

Whether it’s your cell phone, your laptop, a favorite piece of jewelry, or your gaming console, we can cover it from loss, theft, or damage. Our coverage is global, meaning no matter where the loss, theft, or damage happens, you can submit a claim. Whatever you want to protect can be covered up to the maximum amount of coverage you pick.

Every step of the way – from signing up for a policy to submitting a claim – we offer a 100% digital insurance experience.

You can sign up via our website to create an insurance policy unique to you in just a few minutes and a few clicks.

If you move, you can update your address and contact info online.

To make life easy, we simply bill your credit card once a month. You can cancel at any time and have the remaining portion of the subscription refunded.

Whether you have cell phone insurance, camera insurance, or insurance on your ski equipment with us, we know that if you do need to file a claim, you want the process to be efficient and easy. Once a claim is submitted, our dedicated Traverse claim representatives quickly review it and, if it is accepted, the money to replace or repair your item can be deposited directly into your bank account, or sent to you via PayPal or Zelle. You can submit up to 3 claims per year.

So what does 100% digital insurance mean? It means easy to sign up, easy to adjust, easy to file a claim, and everything done with no paper and no long-term contracts.

Sign up, go live your life, and change your mind if you want. We’ve got you covered.

Not seeing something you want to cover, or need different coverage limits?

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