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  • Choose what items you want to protect
  • Select the amount of coverage you want and pay a low monthly subscription
  • Get paid quickly when your items are lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged

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Insurance for your stuff at a low monthly price.

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Why traverse?

How Traverse is different than Renters Insurance


Renters Insurance

Pay to cover the things you love…and that’s it
Coverage for accidental drops, theft, misplacement, and more
Zero Deductible
Moving to Tribeca? No problem. No update*, no price change, no hassle
When lost, stolen or destroyed, get paid the value to replace your item NEW
Pay for more coverage than you might want
Usually not covered!
Usually $500 deductible
Moving to Tribeca? New policy, new price.
Usually get paid the value of your item USED
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Get startedIf you require more coverage than traverse can provide, we can help*Traverse only available in New York

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